A beautiful, long, and slender cat, the Oriental is a talkative and intelligent kitty, who is attached to her humans. They are a dedicated cat breed if you seek a devoted companion and an interactive and amusing pet. A natural athlete, they live up to 10-15 years. Physical …

Cute Cat Video: A Cat Reacts to His Owner’s Fake Death

Have you ever wondered how your cats would react if they see you dead? This owner in the video, after being repeatedly asked the question, decides to actually see for himself how his cat, Sparta, would take his “death.” In this clip, he pretends to collapse on the …

Mange in Cats

Typically a condition common among dogs, mange in cats is rarely diagnosed. A form of inflammatory skin disease in cats, mange is caused by different species of mites. Mange is a term used to describe different skin conditions in cats caused by different types of mites. If your …

Funny Cat Video: Funny Cats on Vine App

Long before the Vine app closed, it was home to some of the most hilarious cat-related content. Sadly, when the app was closed, it also meant goodbye to many of those glorious 6-second clips of cats. Thankfully, many have saved these videos and created hilarious compilations. This one …


Despite her large, athletic appearance, which may create the impression of a wildcat, an Ocicat is a warm, affectionate animal. The social feline loves her people and is perfect for people who love her and treat her politely. The Ocicat may live up to 10-15 years. Physical Characteristics …

Kidney Disease in Cats

Healthy kidneys are responsible for many functions, with the most notable function being to filter impurities from the blood and make urine. But any problem with kidneys can cause the loss of kidney function in your cat, besides many health problems. Kidney disease in cats can be categorized …

Funny Cat Video: The Moment of Solitude

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, sometimes we need a few truly, relaxing moments. We just want to take a break and enjoy a precious moment of solitude. And Timo, the cat, absolutely gets that. In this particular clip, Timo teaches us how to appropriately …

Persian Kitten Plays Hide and Seek

This is the cutest thing we have seen today! Kittens are the most adorable creatures on earth – without a doubt. And this video does not fail to warm our hearts. KemoSabe, a Persian kitten, is the only one awake among her sisters. Her owner tries to get her …

This Cat Loves Watermelon So Much

This kitty may have just found his new favorite fruit. Nothing much happens in this clip, but we cannot stop ourselves from clicking the replay button again and again just to see how an adorable kitty named Cooper eats watermelon, a popular summer fruit. Cooper obviously loves the …

Kittens on Their First “Car” Ride

What could their protective mama think when her three adorable 4-week-old kittens enjoy a superficial car ride! The three adorable kittens are finally learning to climb out of their nest box. Of course, the mama cat was a bit anxious about her kittens escaping the nest. Thankfully, she …
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