Adele’s Hello Parody Stars Adoptable Kittens And They’re Incredibly Adorable!


This video is so beautiful we could not resist sharing it.

Adorably titled Pawdele Meow, Adele’s Hello parody video stars cute little kittens from the East Bay SPCA!

PAWsitive YouTube channel and the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, California, partnered to make the music video that shows everyone exactly why they should adopt a cat from a shelter.


The start of the music video shows what life would be like if the people visiting a shelter adopted the cat they’re looking at.

It’s cute, yet touching, and as the song reaches the chorus and singer goes, “Meow from the inside,” while the camera focuses on the cats looking out from their kennels.

Fortunately, the video isn’t going to break your heart. It has a happy ending and all the cats who appeared in the video have been adopted!

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