Baltimore’s First Cat Cafe Opens for Kitties

Imagine a cozy place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the company of adoptable kitties! Who knows you could be walking away with a kitty soon! Charm Kitty Cafe will be Baltimore’s first cat cafe with ample space to host seven kitties at a time.

Cam Tucker sets to open the Charm Kitty cafe and coworking space with support from the Baltimore Humane Society. Spread over 1,150-square-feet at 3300 Clipper Mill Road, Whitehall Mill in Hampden, the cat cafe will also host cats until their adoption.

Hope for the Homeless Tabbies

Charm Kitty Cafe promises to increase adoption for the homeless cats, taking them out of cages to their new homes. The not-for-profit is sure to attract cat lovers all around. Baltimore’s first cat cafe has ample space to house seven cats with best temperaments, who will enjoy a free rein at the 1,150-square-foot space until they are adopted.

The cat cafe will operate on no-profit basis and offer cats for adoption by local families. The Baltimore Humane Society is to select seven cats to stay at the cafe and handle adoptions.

Tucker, the brain behind the Charm Kitty cafe, has done deep research into the concept of cat cafe and visited many such venues to learn from their experiences.

“One thing that’s been really tough for a lot of cat cafes is having the coffee and the cat cafe space in the same space, Tucker told to the Baltimore Sun. “Having any kind of food production in the same space as cats would have just been a tough situation.”

The cafe service will start with a cup of Zeke’s Coffee that will be initially prepared in the adjoining Whitehall Mill marketplace. Gradually the cafe has plans to start providing local food items.

Charm Kitty: The Unique Cat Cafe

What makes Charm Kitty a unique venue is its concept of a co-working office. Unlike other such venues, Baltimore’s first cat cafe will be open to co-working members through weekdays with time limits and accept reservations on weekends and in the evenings. The cafe will accommodate 30 workers.

Cat lovers who want to enjoy the company of cats and coffee may apply for membership passes with Charm Kitty. There will be special discounts for students. The cafe will provide unlimited monthly passes and passes for a limited number of visits. The number of visitors may not be more than 15 at any given time during evenings as well as weekends.

Although the cafe is yet to make any decision on prices, Tucker adds, “I want it to be affordable.”

A Kickstarter campaign has raised over $9,300 for Charm Kitty Cafe that requires minor cosmetic updates, including furnishing, flooring, and supplies. The campaign generated enough funds on its day one of the campaign. Any one can contribute online until April 1st. Additional funds will help refurbish Baltimore’s first cat cafe that promises “amazing potential for the cats.”

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