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Exotic African Cat Caught on Street New Jersey

The New Jersey authorities have reportedly captured an exotic African cat wandering on the Paterson streets. The cat possibly a mixed breed African wild Serval Cat that is highly sought after. It is inter progeny of cat and big wild animals with first dated reference goes back to …

UK’s Chief Mouser Larry Hits Headlines for Dereliction of Duty

Seems the job of the No 10 Downing Street’s chief mouser is at risk. Larry the cat does not look bloodthirsty any more. Photographers caught the cat failing to kill a rodent that escaped from its hold. The kitty displayed pacifist tendencies and missed out on savoring a …

Meet Extremely Elusive Marbled Cat of China

A video of the most mysterious cats of the world reveals their existence in the Yunnan Province of China. The Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve is the latest to host this endangered marbled cat. The cat roams freely in the hilly forest, trotting down the mountain trail and peeing …

Baltimore’s First Cat Cafe Opens for Kitties

Imagine a cozy place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the company of adoptable kitties! Who knows you could be walking away with a kitty soon! Charm Kitty Cafe will be Baltimore’s first cat cafe with ample space to host seven kitties at a time. …

Mia The Caregiver Cat of Missouri

Kitty Mia adores her family, especially baby Sonny, who was born a few months ago. Mia’s watchful eyes are constantly watching the little one from a short distance just like a caregiver, making sure he is always safe. The caregiver cat loves Sonny as her sibling and wants …

Petaluma Cat Siblings Reunited After Owners Start Dating

Two Petaluma, CA, cat siblings reunited after two years when their owners start dating each other.  The feline twins were separated from each other and adopted by their respective owners from a cat shelter. While the brothers kept missing each other, without any chance of a reunion, destiny …

“Hero” Cat Saves Alberta Family From Fire

An Alberta family is thanking its furry feline for saving their life. Fortunately, the parents and their two kids escaped the ablaze unscathed after the cat woke them up in time. The incident happened in the wee hours at around 3:30 am. Drack, the “Hero kitty,” noticed the …

Bionic Cat Legs Give New Lease of Life to Kitty in Bulgaria

Kitty Pooh is able to walk again after vets in Bulgaria fitted two bionic cat legs in a groundbreaking surgery on the feline. Although Pooh isn’t the first bionic cat in the world, this is the first such surgery in Europe outside of Britain. The procedure uses two …

UK Supermarket Plans Cat Memorial for Wales Kitty Brutus

The Morrisons, the fourth-largest UK supermarket chain, is to set up a cat memorial in the remembrance of Brutus the cat, who brightened so many lives in a small Wales town. The eight-year-old social media sensation was the star attraction for visitors to the Morrisons branch in Saltney since 2010. The …

Is Nutmeg the Oldest Living Cat?

This is Nutmeg! This adorable tabby could be the oldest living cat in the world! Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday this year — an equivalent of 141 in human years! According to Nutmeg’s human owners, Liz and Ian Finlay, Nutmeg chose their family by showing up in their …
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