Exotic African Cat Caught on Street New Jersey

The New Jersey authorities have reportedly captured an exotic African cat wandering on the Paterson streets. The cat possibly a mixed breed African wild Serval Cat that is highly sought after. It is inter progeny of cat and big wild animals with first dated reference goes back to 1776.

The big cat left onlookers surprised with its eerie size and distinctive features, which are typical of an exotic African cat. Animal control tranquilized the “out-of-control” kitty and sent her to Wildlife Freedom in Wanaque.

On Thursday morning, the people of Mill Street were left awe-struck when they came across a “surprising creature walking the block” that they could not identify.

The exotic African cat was bigger than any stray cat seen on the streets of Paterson.

“One person said it was a tiger while some said it was a bobcat, ” an animal control officer The Record.

The exotic African cat shall stay in New Jersey’s Wildlife Freedom until she gets a new home. According to F1 Savannah Cat, the kitty is a type of mixed breed fathered by a serval cat.

Cats of this breed are preferred as pets and sold for about $30,000. Members of this cat breed are more interactive than regular house cats.

Presumably, the tabby has an owner. But nobody has come forward yet. The animal services officials are awaiting for the owner to come forward and take the cat home.

One person claims to know the kitty’s owner and said the cat escaped.

“He left the window open and went back in. Everybody know him, it’s always on the window. Real nice cat,” CBS Local reported citing the person.

But the so-called owner of the exotic African cat has not been reached out yet.

The state will continue to care for the cat until the owner is found.

Exotic African Cat Sighted Earlier Too

In 2012, the News 12 New Jersey shared a photo of a similar cat sent by one Sarah Flatt. It was spotted in Boonton Township. The mixed breed African Serval cat was later found to be domesticated by a town resident. The state law allows to have at home any breed of animal that is at least 1% domesticated.

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