Funny Cat Video: Funny Cats on Vine App

Photo from Funny Vines

Long before the Vine app closed, it was home to some of the most hilarious cat-related content. Sadly, when the app was closed, it also meant goodbye to many of those glorious 6-second clips of cats. Thankfully, many have saved these videos and created hilarious compilations.

This one is a 3-minute compilation of mischievous and daring cats. Many cat owners could relate to these “incidents” caused by their beloved feline friends.

There are cats falling off furniture and windows. Some are getting their head stuck inside glasses, while still others engaged in one-sided fights with lizards.

Hopefully, no cats were truly harmed in the making of these hilarious Vines. Of course, just a reminder to cat owners that while many of our cats are fearless (and sometimes really reckless), it pays to watch them carefully to avoid serious injuries.

But for now, enjoy the funny cat video compilation below:


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