Hungry Kitten Protective of Her Food Video

Have you ever seen how a little hungry kitten jealously guards its food? The video exemplifies how little kitties don’t want anyone to take away their food.


A hungry kitten knows how to protect their precious food from others.  When it comes to food, they are often mistrustful. In this funny cat video, the kitten shows food aggression and growl at anyone going near her food.

Even she does not like owners to put food in her plate showing she is the boss of her platter. No interference is accepted.

Hungry kitten protects her food

She is protective of her meal and does not want any disturbance. Little Margo jumps on the serving tray and is busy sampling her food, but she knows when to pounce on anyone she thinks is trying to snatch the food from her.

She is not happy about anybody coming close to her share of food, not even her pet parent, who tries to increase her serving with an extra spoon. She growls and uses all tactics to keep her precious food safe!

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