Loyal Cat Tracks Elderly Owner Sent To Nursing Home

In England, one loyal cat has tracked her elderly owner who was sent a nursing home. Whoever said cats aren’t sweet and affectionate is definitely wrong.

Cleo, a fluffy and adorable gray and white, was able to search and locate her owner, Nancy Cowen, weeks after she was sent to live in a nursing home.

A few months ago, Nancy was placed under Bramley House’s care. The nursing facility is located in Westcott, England and Nancy was forced to bid farewell to Cleo, whom she had adopted as a stray 8 years ago.

Loyal Cat Tracks Elderly Owner Sent To Nursing Home 1Photo by: Grant Melton/The Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser

Nancy’s family gave the cat to one of her neighbors, according to The Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser. But clearly, Cleo clearly had other plans. Two weeks after Nancy came in the nursing facility, the staff has began receiving a furry visitor who roamed and slept out front.

The cat spent days wandering the grounds, looking around, and peering through windows of the facility. The staff said they initially assumed that the cat was a stray despite being sweet and all.

“She’d been sort of hanging around, and the care staff started feeding her, obviously, because she’s so cute,” caregiver Leslie Thomas said.

A few weeks passed and Nancy finally met the sweet cat. The elderly was surprised by the cat’s resemblance to Cleo and told the staff about her pet cat she’d been forced to leave behind.

“One day Nancy said ‘Oh, she looks just like my cat, Cleo. But my Cleo had lost most of her tail.’ So we checked, and the cat was missing most of her tail,” says Thomas. “That’s when we realized that it was Cleo.”

The staff was stunned and amazed at the discovery.

Loyal Cat Tracks Elderly Owner Sent To Nursing Home 2

Photo by: Grant Melton/The Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser

“I think it is just amazing that Cleo found Nancy. Obviously, Cleo knew Nancy was here, but nobody knew that it was her cat. Very strange. I don’t know how Cleo found her. It still baffles me. It’s really, really weird,” caregiver Laura Costello told The Dodo.

“There’s no way she could have followed her, since it’s quite a ways from where Nancy used to live before she came here.”

It’s still a mystery how the loyal cat found her owner and it seems like they’re going to live together again for a long time. In fact, Cleo has been invited to stay with Nancy full time and the feline clearly loves every minute of it as she’s hardly left Nancy’s side.

“We were all absolutely delighted. We all thought it was wonderful,” says Thomas. “There are a lot of bad stories in the world, but this is a nice one.”

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