The Most Patient Cat Ever!

Have you seen the most patient cat in the world? Here it is in this video.

Who says cats aren’t patient? This cat video demonstrates how cats can be incredibly patient even when the owner’s playful toddler tries to play with the docile kitty. The cat is unmoved, unnerved, and unperturbed. He is perhaps the most patient cat you have ever seen.

Bosn, the freakishly patient cat, stoically endures the affections of Laurelin, while the latter recklessly keeps “disturbing” the resting kitty and does not let her rest.

The most patient cat in the world

Perhaps the furry feline realizes that this sort of loving mauling is normal. Unlike any human, the kitty his without any irritation. He allows the child ample freedom and loves to be caressed by him but without any reaction.

Some cat breeds love to play with kids, and this cat video is one example of kid-friendly cats. They are more loyal and never tend to harm any family member. However, many cats have a limit of extending their benevolence. This one in this cat video looks more friendly than ever and a true family and kid-friendly cat.

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