The Most Patient Cat Ever!

Have you seen the most patient cat in the world? Here it is in this video. Who says cats aren’t patient? This cat video demonstrates how cats can be incredibly patient even when the owner’s playful toddler tries to play with the docile kitty. The cat is unmoved, …

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Cats

Respiratory tract infection in cats – also called cat flu or feline viral respiratory disease complex – affects their upper airway. Respiratory infections aren’t too uncommon in cats. The nose, mouth, throat, nose, and sinus, which are a part of the upper respiratory tract, are prone to bacterial and viral pathogens. …

Diarrhea in Cats: Risk, Symptoms, Treatmennt

Diarrhea in cats is characterized by a change in the volume and frequency of feces. It is one of the most common cat diseases. A kitty experiences frequent loose or liquid bowel movements, which could be a single bout or last for weeks or months. The reason may …


  A British Shorthair lookalike, the Chartreux is unofficially the national cat of France, with subtle differences from the former. The gorgeous blue kitty has a natural smile on its round face. The playful felines are family friendly cats, who are easily adaptable and enjoy the company of …

Petaluma Cat Siblings Reunited After Owners Start Dating

Two Petaluma, CA, cat siblings reunited after two years when their owners start dating each other.  The feline twins were separated from each other and adopted by their respective owners from a cat shelter. While the brothers kept missing each other, without any chance of a reunion, destiny …


Burmilla, the man-made cat breed, is a quiet, easygoing feline, who is devoted to her owner and very easy to live with. The kitty is best suited for a cat-loving family with children and feline-friendly pets. The kittens may be frightened by children and other pets new to …

Dutiful Cat Trying To Wake Up Owner

Have you ever seen a dutiful cat trying to wake up owner? This video shows us exactly how smart and responsible they are. Cats know where the food comes from. The video demonstrates how Romeo, a kitty, tries to wake his owner up. It is the feline’s duty …

Is Medical Marijuana for Cats an Option?

There is a lot of fuss about medical marijuana for pets these days? With an influx of cannabis products on the market, pet parents often wonder whether medical marijuana for cats is safe. Well, it is important to understand what is so great about cannabis that it has …

Diabetes in Cats: Symptoms, Management

  Diabetes in cats may cause serious health problems, including blindness. Avoid delaying medical management of feline diabetes symptoms as soon as you notice them.  Understand the onset of diabetes milletus in cats and its gradual spread. Just like humans, cats may also suffer from diabetes mellitus. There …

How Much Water Do Cats Need? How to Make A Cat Drink More Water?

How much water do cats need? Knowing how to make a cat drink more water is very important. Generally, cats do not really like water but their need to drink enough water is an issue we cannot emphasize enough. Kidney failure and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is …
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