Diabetes in Cats: Symptoms, Management

  Diabetes in cats may cause serious health problems, including blindness. Avoid delaying medical management of feline diabetes symptoms as soon as you notice them.  Understand the onset of diabetes milletus in cats and its gradual spread. Just like humans, cats may also suffer from diabetes mellitus. There …

How Much Water Do Cats Need? How to Make A Cat Drink More Water?

How much water do cats need? Knowing how to make a cat drink more water is very important. Generally, cats do not really like water but their need to drink enough water is an issue we cannot emphasize enough. Kidney failure and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is …

Signs Your Cat Loves You

What are the signs your cat loves you? Unlike dogs, cats do not really like to smother their owners with their love. Cats love their owners, but they won’t lick their faces to death or jump in happiness when they arrive home. Your Cat Loves You If You …

“Hero” Cat Saves Alberta Family From Fire

An Alberta family is thanking its furry feline for saving their life. Fortunately, the parents and their two kids escaped the ablaze unscathed after the cat woke them up in time. The incident happened in the wee hours at around 3:30 am. Drack, the “Hero kitty,” noticed the …

Incredible Reaction of A Cat Watching Horror Movie

The video shows incredible reaction of a cat watching horror movie on the television at home. Cats are sensitive, and this funny cat video clearly demonstrates that. Their association with humans may be a factor in making them develop an understanding and behave similarly. The cute little kitty …

Bionic Cat Legs Give New Lease of Life to Kitty in Bulgaria

Kitty Pooh is able to walk again after vets in Bulgaria fitted two bionic cat legs in a groundbreaking surgery on the feline. Although Pooh isn’t the first bionic cat in the world, this is the first such surgery in Europe outside of Britain. The procedure uses two …

Benefits of Spaying And Neutering Cats

As a pet parent, if you are aware of the benefits of spaying and neutering cats, you may not be willing to ignore it. The procedure plays a role in reducing cancer risk and the threat of uterine disease in cats as well as behavioral and hygiene issues. …


A people-friendly kitty, the active and social Burmese cat is your best companion for their friendly, outgoing, and loving nature. Their deep yellow eyes are a distinctive character of their appearance that will make you instantly fall in love with them. A dog-like cat, the Burmese breed demands …

British Shorthair

  Often dubbed as the perfect family kitty, the British Shorthair cat easily adapts to any adjustments in a home. Pet the cat nicely, and you will have the best companion for kids and cat-friendly dogs due to his affectionate and gentle nature. They live up to 12-17 …


  Physical Characteristics The Birman has a striking resemblance to the Siamese cat. But compared to his Thai counterpart, the Birman is larger, has white feet, a stockier body, and a long, silken coat. Birmans are medium-to-large-sized cats that come in all pointed colors. They are long and …
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