How To Clean Up Cat Pee

Generally, it’s easier to clean up after cats compared to dogs but accidents do happen sometimes and knowing how to clean up cat pee may come in handy. So your cat decided to outside his litter box – stinking up the whole room and possibly staining your carpet, …

Is Nutmeg the Oldest Living Cat?

This is Nutmeg! This adorable tabby could be the oldest living cat in the world! Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday this year — an equivalent of 141 in human years! According to Nutmeg’s human owners, Liz and Ian Finlay, Nutmeg chose their family by showing up in their …

Tabby Cat Walks Into Class And Does What All Of Us Would Do

In a university in Malaysia, one cat walked into a lecture class and does what everyone of us would do. Morning classes can be very boring at times, especially if you skipped your coffee and one chubby tabby cat’s situation has all of us grinning after he did what …

Obesity in cats: Causes and Cures

Believe it or not obesity in cats is very common. Cats – the ultimate lazy pet in many people’s eyes. Known to sleep for up to a whopping 20 hours a day, our domestic fury friends have it easy. For this reason many cats are prone to obesity. …

Are These Twin Cats The Most Beautiful Twin Cats In The World?

This is Iriss and Abyss! These cats could be the most beautiful twin cats in the world! These 9-month-old cats have undeniably mesmerizing and beautiful eyes: one hazel and one blue. They have been living in Saint-Petersburg with their owner since they were 3 months-old. Iriss and Abyss both …

Italian Coastguard Resuscitates Drowned Kitten Back to Life

Watch as an Italian Coastguard resuscitates a drowned kitten back to life. Children, who were on the portside in Marsala, saw the lifeless kitten floating in the Sicilian water and immediately alerted the crew of a coastguard patrol boat. One of the coastguards immediately jumped in the water …

Cat Treats: The Pros and Cons

We all like the occasional treat and our cats are no different! However, while most cats will love the odd extra, the majority of their nutritional needs should be provided from the balanced, complete diet that makes up the main part of their diet. Overall treats should not …

Foods to Avoid When Feeding your Cat

Chocolate, raisins, grapes……. the list of foods that are harmful for your dog is well known and seemingly endless. The foods to avoid that are harmful to your cat are less well publicized – after all as such picky eaters, surely a cat wouldn’t eat something it shouldn’t?  …
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