UK Supermarket Plans Cat Memorial for Wales Kitty Brutus

The Morrisons, the fourth-largest UK supermarket chain, is to set up a cat memorial in the remembrance of Brutus the cat, who brightened so many lives in a small Wales town. The eight-year-old social media sensation was the star attraction for visitors to the Morrisons branch in Saltney since 2010. The …

Tips on Searching for a Missing Cat

As owners, one of our biggest fears is to have our cat go missing. While it is a heartbreaking scenario, you must stay composed and calm. Here are some tips on searching for a missing cat. Having a cat go missing can be terrifying. The thought of not …

Things You Must Never Do To Your Cat

A healthy, happy kitty is your best companion, isn’t it? But the slightest of oversight could have drastic consequences on your favorite feline’s wellbeing. It will be a gross mistake to take the kitty’s presence for granted. Perhaps your home is a tiny kindergarten with a kitty and …

The Dangers of Easter Lilies in Cats

Dangers of Easter lilies in cats make it important to understand the threats from both benign and dangerous lilies and prevent them from being a for concern for your feline. Well, there are numerous dangers of Easter lilies in cats, ranging from toxicity to kidney failure. Now you …

What is Cat Grass and Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Have you ever heard of cat grass? What is cat grass and why do cats eat grass anyway? Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, chances are he has already put his paws on grass, ate it, and threw it up. This may look like an …

Seizures in Cats

Just like in humans, seizures in cats are the multiple misfiring of nerves in the brain. Seizures in cats can be mild or severe and can last for only a few seconds to several minutes. Contrary to what some people think, seizure is not a disease. It is …


Bombay Physical Characteristics Bombays are best known for their dramatic black coat. This cat breed looks like the Burmese but with a larger and longer body. The Bombay cat has longer legs compared to the Burmese, too. They are medium in size. The head of this breed is round. …

Bengal Cat

Summary The Bengal cat is a beautiful cat breed best known for the spots in his fur. They are large, strong cats that are smart and very energetic. They live up to 16 years.   Physical Characteristics Bengal cats are bred to appear like exotic jungle cats like ocelots, leopards, …

Caring for Senior Cats

Just like in humans or dogs, senior cats need special care too. Here’s what you need to know about caring for senior cats. What makes a cat a senior cat? Cats ages 7 and older are considered seniors. As cats grow older, their body changes as well.  In …

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Up the Furniture

Cats may look cute and adorable, but they can come with a string of problems – like scratching! In this article, you’ll learn how to stop your cat from scratching. Why do cats scratch furniture? Scratching is a normal behavior cats engage in. This behavior can be quite …
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What is Cat Grass and Why Do Cats Eat Grass?
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How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Up the Furniture
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Why Do Cats Rub Themselves Against You and Other Objects?
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