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A Chartreux cat

  A British Shorthair lookalike, the Chartreux is unofficially the national cat of France, with subtle differences from the former. The gorgeous blue kitty has a natural smile on its round face. The playful felines are family friendly cats, who are easily adaptable and enjoy the company of cat-friendly pets and children. Physical Characteristics of Chartreux …

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A Burmilla cat

Burmilla, the man-made cat breed, is a quiet, easygoing feline, who is devoted to her owner and very easy to live with. The kitty is best suited for a cat-loving family with children and feline-friendly pets. The kittens may be frightened by children and other pets new to them. Introduce them to new members in …

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A Burmese cat resting

A people-friendly kitty, the active and social Burmese cat is your best companion for their friendly, outgoing, and loving nature. Their deep yellow eyes are a distinctive character of their appearance that will make you instantly fall in love with them. A dog-like cat, the Burmese breed demands attention and unconditional love.  They want to …

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British Shorthair

  Often dubbed as the perfect family kitty, the British Shorthair cat easily adapts to any adjustments in a home. Pet the cat nicely, and you will have the best companion for kids and cat-friendly dogs due to his affectionate and gentle nature. They live up to 12-17 years. Physical Characteristics of British Shorthair Cats …

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  Physical Characteristics The Birman has a striking resemblance to the Siamese cat. But compared to his Thai counterpart, the Birman is larger, has white feet, a stockier body, and a long, silken coat. Birmans are medium-to-large-sized cats that come in all pointed colors. They are long and heavy-boned cats, so they have the tendency …

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Bombay Physical Characteristics Bombays are best known for their dramatic black coat. This cat breed looks like the Burmese but with a larger and longer body. The Bombay cat has longer legs compared to the Burmese, too. They are medium in size. The head of this breed is round. Their muzzle is shorter than most cats. …

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Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

Summary The Bengal cat is a beautiful cat breed best known for the spots in his fur. They are large, strong cats that are smart and very energetic. They live up to 16 years.   Physical Characteristics Bengal cats are bred to appear like exotic jungle cats like ocelots, leopards, and margays. They can be marble or …

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Balinese Cat

Summary The Balinese cat is regal yet clownish. They are generally healthy and can live up to 22 years. They are sweet, playful and talkative cats that do well around children and other pets.   Physical Characteristics Like the Siamese cat, the Balinese cat is elegant, slender, and small-boned with long legs and tail. This breed has …

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American Wirehair

Photo: Petful/Flickr The American Wirehair cat is a sweet and affectionate cat the bonds with people of all age. These medium-sized cats have a sweet expression. They are known for their springy and wiry coat that comes in any color or pattern. Physical Characteristics This adorable cat breed has a round head and high cheekbones. Their ears are neither …

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American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are ideal for people looking for gentle companions for their children. The cat breed is known for its sweet personality and amiability towards members of the household including dogs and other pets. Shorthairs are among the most adaptable breeds and are widely known for their playful nature. The cat is incredibly popular because …

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