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Conjunctivitis in Cats

Conjunctivitis in cats

Eye problems are not too common in cats. However, some cats do suffer from eye disorders, and conjunctivitis is one of them. Conjunctivitis in cats is a condition in which your kitty suffers from inflammation of the conjunctiva or pink membrane caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The condition usually affects one eye when …

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Gum Disease in Cats

Gum disease in cats

A cat with periodontal disease suffers from a series of changes associated with inflammation of the deep supporting structures surrounding the kitty’s teeth. What begins as tartar accumulation develops into a serious periodontal disease, resulting in the loss of teeth and causing other health problems. What is Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease in Cats Periodontal …

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Stomach Cancer in Cats

stomach cancer in cats a silent killer

Did you know stomach cancer in cats is a silent killer because it often goes undetected? A cat with stomach cancer rarely shows symptoms and therefore, its diagnosis and treatment are difficult. Also known as leiomyosarcoma, stomach and intestinal cancer start from the muscles of the stomach and intestines. Although common in older cats, this …

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What Are the Causes of Blood in Cat Urine?

Blood in cat urine is an illness called hematuria

Any owner would be alarmed at the site of blood in cat urine. You are no exception either. It’s incredibly upsetting to see blood drops on the bedding, in the litter box or even on the floor.  Although there are many causes of bloody urine in cats, the first step is to see a veterinarian. …

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Parasites in Cats

Parasites in cats may be dangerous

As compared to other animals, cats are fairly easily infected with a parasitical infestation. Parasites in cats can affect them in numerous ways, from causing a mild irritation to life-threatening problems. Not only this, all parasites can transmit diseases to humans. Timely intervention is crucial to treating a parasitic infestation in cats and keeping your …

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Why Does Hair Loss in Cats Occur

Know Causes of Hair Loss in Cats

Is your cat experiencing hair fall? Does the hair loss look alarming? Perhaps those bald skin patches tell that your favorite furry friend is in distress. There are many different causes of hair loss in cats, some of which are serious and can cause irritation and misery for your kitty, while others may be normal. …

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Cat Scratch Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

know about cat scratch disease

A form of bacterial infection, cat scratch fever is caused by Bartonella Henselae bacteria. The cat scratch disease affects humans, who catch it from cats. A scratch, bite, or contact with an infected cat’s saliva doubles your risk of having this the bacterial disease. You can catch the infection if an infected cat licks an …

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How To Remove Ticks in Cats

Remove ticks in cats

Have you spotted parasites on your kitty’s fur and are wondering how to remove ticks in cats? Ticks are irritating parasitic creatures that prey on the feline community. These dangerous arthropods can lodge themselves into the kitty’s fur and skin and feed on the blood of their hosts. Thus they carry infection from one animal …

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Hip Dysplasia in Cats

Hip dysplasia in cats may be dangerous

In simple words, hip dysplasia is a disorder or malformation of the hip joint. A rare orthopedic disorder in cats, feline hip dysplasia involves the abnormal development and subsequent degeneration of the coxofermoral joint. The progressive failure of the hip joint leads to the deterioration and loss of function of the ball-and-socket joint. Progressive signs …

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